About us

Pacific World Marketing LLC all starting as an idea. Our thoughts,

Work only with products we truly believe in! No sugar coating or crystal balls! We can only help if your product is marketable. Our beliefs are specific and our points of view are proactive. We advocate that marketing is a business that renovation should precede innovation and there is no finish line.

Pacific World Marketing LLC is unique because of our experience, our expertise and our approach! What is more important is our stuff gets seen. What is the key ingredients to placing a product in the marketplace? Number one (1) is the product. The product has to be marketable! Then it’s good ole fashion hard work. Every product needs exposure.

You can have the best product in the world and if no one knows about it, you have nothing!

Don’t give up! Persistence, persistence and persistence.

Our innovative patented products can be found at Home Shopping Network, QVC, Target, Sears, Napa Auto Parts, Matco Tools, Barnes & Noble and many more!

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