Pacific World Marketing secures License Agreement for GibbarWall Building System

We are pleased to announce we have secured a License Agreement for our product called The GibbarWall Building System. Licensed to Thermo Arctic Building Systems LLC.

The GibbarWALL Building Systems are insulated, high-performance whole wall systems that are the answer to a world and industry desperately seeking ways to save energy. Each strong, lightweight, insulated concrete panel offers exceptional R-value and is simple to fabricate and install. The GibbarWALL Building System has been recognized for energy efficiency and structural design by the US Department of Energy, the Missouri Division of Energy and the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.

“The GibbarWALL Building Systems were designed by my father, James Gibbar. He was a general contractor in a small town who recognized a big need and had an even bigger dream. Although my father is no longer with us, Pacific World Marketing worked for more than five years (through some of the toughest times for the building industry) to help us make his dream a reality. Thank you, Pacific World Marketing. Your faith in the GibbarWALL will mean buildings throughout the country will have access to a higher caliber of energy efficiency.” —Sherry R