“What do our clients have to say”

Licensed to Arctic Thermo Building Systems LLC. “The GibbarWALL Building Systems were designed by my father, James Gibbar. He was a general contractor in a small town who recognized a big need and had an even bigger dream. Although my father is no longer with us, Pacific World Marketing worked for more than five years (through some of the toughest times for the building industry) to help us make his dream a reality. Thank you, PWM. Your faith in the GibbarWALL will mean buildings throughout the country will have access to a higher caliber of energy efficiency.” —Sherry R


I appreciate all you are doing. Keep up the good work.

Julie A

I just wanted to say a great heartfelt thanks to Ken and Pacific World Marketing. After working with a couple of marketing companies and getting nowhere, I decided to take a leap of faith with PWM. I can’t tell you how happy I am for doing so. Ken has been nothing but professional & informative about everything happening with my product and has gone above and beyond in my opinion. If you are looking for a stand up company to get results, you will find what your looking for with Pacific World Marketing, I highly recommend without a doubt!

Bonnie H

Tim T.

I have been with Pacific World Marketing for only six (6) months. Six months into the marketing process I received a signed Licensing Agreement from a Major Manufacturer. If you’re looking to take your product to the next level I highly recommend Pacific World Marketing.


Jack L.

Thanks for the call, I think you are doing a great job. Really, everyone at Pacific World Marketing is doing a great job. Happy Holidays to you and everyone at PWM.


Frankie T.

I would just like to thank all of you there for the great effort and attention you’ve been giving my product.


Larry G.

I am writing this to let you know that so far I am very pleased with what you folks have done so far. This one little email, the updates and phone calls over the few months have been more than I received from other companies in a year. Thanks again.


Phyllis H.

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for the email. I am proud that your company is representing me in this exciting adventure. I am so excited about my future. I am also a very patient person at the same time. Thanks again.


Glenn N.

I couldn’t be happier with Ken and Pacific World Marketing. My product wasn’t getting the attention it needed and deserved. Ken jumped in with both feet and made things happen. I was in danger of losing some pretty big name accounts before I joined Pacific World Marketing. Ken made the right phone calls to the right people, arranged the important meetings and resurrected my accounts in a matter of weeks. Only someone with the expertise and utmost professionalism could of accomplished this. I have the best of both worlds with Pacific World Marketing, professionalism and aggressive marketing. I didn’t know much about Pacific World a year ago, but I decided to take a chance on them. I’ve been blessed (lucky) with making the right decisions with my product, and Pacific World Marketing was one of those “right” decisions. Would I recommend Ken and Pacific World Marketing to a friend? You bet I would!!! Keep up the outstanding work…I appreciate it.

Michael B., Inventor and EntrepreneurPacific World Marketing has the intelligence, training, experience, ability and knowledge. Ken and his team knows how to get results. Pacific World Marketing has my product with three nationwide corporations. I could not be happier with the service. They deliver results. Thank you to the team at Pacific World Marketing.

Sue E. inventor of the Multi Tier Baking Pan

Pacific World Marketing has helped to make my dream come true. It is so exciting to hold a finished product in my hands. I patented a multi tier baking pan. Because of the manufacturing cost it was difficult to license the patent. After trying myself and a different marketing firm I signed with Pacific World Marketing. In less than a year the patent was licensed and is now on the Market with Royalties due before the end of the year. Thanks to all the hard working people at Pacific World Marketing!!


Hello, Dalia:

Thank you once again for your support and enthusiasm!! You’re a wonderful cheerleader when I get discouraged! Thank you so much!



Hello Amanda,

All I have to say is ((( I LOVE THE JOB YOU DONE ))) I just want to say thank you for all time and hard work you put into this.I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

Douglas D


I appreciate al of the hard work your company has done.

Working with Barb was very patient with me going over my Portfolio. She definitely knows what she is doing and I aim thankful to her representing my invention to future clients that will be expressing interest. I know she has a good handle on my product.

Richard R

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